2 comments on “Would John Oxendine represent all Georgians?

  1. Let’s not forget Oxendine is also Safety Fire Commissioner (i.e. State Fire Marshal’s boss), and based upon my personal experience with ‘howdy-doody’, that office is full of corruption which he pretty much allows to exist (how does somebody with no knowledge of fire protection get that job?).

    Why does he frequently issue variances to contractors or owners that relieve them of the requirements of adopted codes and standards (there to protect lives and property), that are really variances in name only – the good ol’ buddy system perhaps? (for they save much money, perhaps for campagn contribution considerations?)

    Why does he allow the waiving of state law requiring professional oversight (i.e. architect/engineer seal on plans and supervising construction per title 43) of construction of certain occupancies when clearly even the attorney general’s office annotations to state law say otherwise? (because he can get away with it, also saving money that could be used for better purposes like campagne…)

    Why does he allow bizarre code interpretations to be issued (well you guessed it – that also save money so it can be used…) that the other 49 states and even the organizations that wrote the codes and standards interpret completly different?

    Perhaps the fire commissioner should be a seperate person than the insurance commissioner – in retrospect, I’d advise it. Combining the two may even be a conflict of interest… but bottom line – do we even want to risk placing someone this oblivious of what goes on around himself as our Governor???

  2. All the people who asked John for help as insurance commisioner and were left out in the cold with not even a responce from him or his office, I hope come back to bite him at election time! I myself know three people in the past who got no help what-so-ever from him when requested. If you check with people you know, you WILL FIND people who asked him for help and got none! His claims on the air are false and he will not do the state of Georgia any good. It’s amazing that people think they can -hit on people and then ask them to vote for them!

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