2 comments on “Thought: The Virus – An interpretation of the “The God Virus” by Darrel W. Ray

  1. Woody: I think you misstate some of what I said. I was not focusing on memetics so I did not go into detail about how viruses can be beneficial, how multiple viruses can coexist and how other memes can be just as destructive as god viruses. I will be interested in your critique after you read the book. I address most of your concerns in the book. In addition, other people, working in the area of memetics have explored the idea of how memes propagate and how they become parasitic. My primary contention is that most religious memes are parasitic. While they may have some benefit for their host, their primary objective is to propagate to the next host without respect to the current host.

  2. Hey Darrel – First, I want to thank you for the lecture on Sunday. It was, if this blog is evidence, very thought provoking and very well presented. Also, thank you for taking the time to read my interpretation and commenting as well.

    I want to make sure it is clear to you and anyone who reads this that this interpretation is solely an expansion on the details presented in your lecture. I do understand that you only have so much time to present all the facts and details from your book and the presentation itself is a very high level representation of what can be found from your book.. I do plan on reading your book and I certainly look forward to writing a follow up piece.

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