3 comments on “Planes, Cars, Doctors… Guns?

  1. You know what else you can do without any classes, training, experience, or even desire to do? Have kids. You don’t even have to apply for it. So complete lunatics can have a dozen kids, brainwash them, and send them out into the world – sometimes with guns. There is something very backward about our reality.

  2. The response to this simple and true observation from gun owners has always been that there is a family tradition in many cases that provides the context in which people learn about guns, gun safety, etc. Of course this assumes that we are talking about guns used for hunting and not the millions of handguns that are sold today (especially in America). Some sort of standard course, a test, some real requirements to obtain a license beyond not being a serial criminal, would be nice.

  3. The problem isn’t the weaponry used to manifest the violent trends in society.
    It is interesting that to drive, it takes passing a rather simple test…at 16.
    Know how many teens are killed in accidents yearly? How many adults are killed each year?
    Ban cars, raise the age of driving!
    For all the education doctors and nurses have, know how many accidental deaths are due to medical mishap each year?
    Ban hospitals! That will surely save lives!
    In Australia, they enacted strident gun control laws, following that, they had to ban large knives.
    Ban all utensils but the spork! We must protect people from themselves, not be creating a healthier society, but by limiting the weaponry!
    C’mon, it’s not the weaponry, there is a much more pervasive problem that creates violence in our societies, and the mentality that thinks banning weaponry is the answer will never help find the solution to why members of society becomes violent.
    Also note stats that show increased gun ownership and an overall trend decrease in US crime. How does that work if the gun is the seductive tool that some folks seem to think?
    It’s just too simple to have a prohibition attitude. It’s so simple, it’s simple minded and retards actually finding a solution to societal violence.

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