2 comments on “Truvada, not very truthful on claims vs HIV

  1. I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but the conservative xtians are (sort of) right with that whole abstinence thingy (I can’t believe I said that). The last remnant of my (shitty) Catholic upbringing is that I’m not “sexually free.” I just can’t bring myself to sleep around, and I’m scared that the one time I do-I’ll catch something. Probably a little bit irrational, but I’m a lot o’ bit irrational. I sure hope that sexually active people, in both our communities, do think that “there is a cure.” Scary stuff.

    See you in the twitterverse.


    • Your not irrational at all… if anything that just proves that your as smart as I thought you were. And you are correct… its effecting everyone… I singled out the gay community because of the whole barebacking thing. But it definitly has an impact on everyone.. Just look at the infection rates in Africa.

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