2 comments on “Decisions Decisions for District 2 Gwinnett

  1. Hmmm… great editorial. Now let’s see. One is endorsed by the county solicitor Rosanna Szabo and the county D.A. Danny Porter, one got an 11th hour endorsement from…Butch Conway?

    One has been to Lilburn since she announced, knocking on doors, and won every precinct in Lilburn in the Republican primary except for one. The other refuses to knock on doors, and has no interest other than lip service to Lilburn.

    One throws out lies and screams “my opponent is actually a DEMOCRAT!!” while the other gets rounds of applause in LILBURN when she explains that yes, she voted Democrat in the primary to unseat Cynthia McKinney.

    One used shady methods while he was on the city council of Norcross to get a government grant for his coffee shop, while denying an applicant interested in the same space.

    One wants to bring MARTA rail to Gwinnett, despite the fact that OVER 60% of the voters in Gwinnett don’t want MARTA in the county.

    Oh well, I guess we know who will better serve the county. Too bad you don’t do your homework.

    • I will admit.. the Danny Porter endorsement surprised me.. and is quite impressive. Rosanna Szabo? pfft.. next.

      She may have been in Lilburn SOME… but she has spent the majority of her time in the corners… lets just face it.. thats her focus.. atleast in the primary.. but its incredibly irresponsible for her to ignore the Village. Drive through the village.. and tell me how many signs you see? I have SEEN her opponent walking through ALL the neighborhoods. His signs are everywhere.. throughout the district. Yes… Lynette has some signs… but its quite obvious where her attention is focused (unless she proves me otherwise).

      Do you really think that Lynette will stand up to Bannister? Dont we need someone who wont let hiim have his way and (further) ruin this county?

      But again.. remember.. I am NOT endorsing ANY candidate…nor will I… and I have my problems with all the candidates to be frank… but at this point.. id be willing to risk the other… in lieu of “more of the same”. Thats all I am trying to say.

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