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Swamp Island Drive – The Okefenokee Swamp

Most people think of a swamp as this dark, murky, dreary uninviting habitat. And yes, it can be at times. But as you have seen the last few days, there is a great amount of beauty that exists as well. Today, I want to share with you the beautiful views of the Okefenokee National Wildlife […]

Swamp Island Drive – Water Lilies

Continuation of my series “Swamp Island Drive” with Water Lillies from the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

Swamp Island Drive – Flora and Dragonfly

Most people that know me know I have quite a fascination with alligators, those associated with the University of Florida, and of the actual animal variety Alligator mississippiensis. So after my visit to Jacksonville, for the annual showdown with that team from Athens, Ga, I stopped at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge to see if […]

Photo of the Day – SIT BOY! Day 2

Didnt get enough of seeing the Jawjuh Leghumpers on their ass? Need a Monday pick me up? Never fear… I have the perfect solution.. another day of Mutts on their ass where they belong…

Photo of the Day – SIT BOY! Day 1

Now we get to my favorite part of this series from THE FLORIDA GATORS Hockey team absolute BEAT DOWN over that team from Athens, Ga. As most people are probably aware by now, in football, the Gators, unfortunately, lost to that team three years in a row now. On the ice, however, its a total […]

Photo of the Day – Cameraderie & Celebration: Day 2

Photo of the Day – Cameraderie & Celebration: Day 1

Like with any tight knit group or team sport, there is a great deal of brotherly love between players in hockey. The next few days of “Comerederie & Celebration” will put that sort of band of brothers on display. The one thing these photos will not show is… that camaraderie continues off the ice and […]

Photo of the Day – The Netminders! Day 4

I dedicate Day 4, and the final day of “The Netminders”, to Jake Lewis, who is playing his last season as a Gator (but will forever be a Gator) as he will soon graduate from the University of Florida.

Photo of the Day – The Netminders! Day 3

Photo of the Day – The Netminders! Day 2

Yesterday In Day 1 of “The Netminders”, I showed you examples of the kinds of shots you can get when focusing on the Goalie. Today, I want to show you how just how alert and ready the Goalie really must be during the game. To me the recipe for a good goalie is very simple. […]