Oh the horror of it all!

It amazes me that with everything going on in this world, from the economy to China’s gradual rise to total world domination, that we continually find such trivial matters to be so overly concerned about.

For a nation who was founded upon the premise that all men were created equal, there are still people who feel that one particular segment of the populations right to marriage be protected, while that same right is denied to another demographic simply because they are different.

A lot of the recent hullabaloo being raised is coming off of the news about Vermont’s decision to recognize same-sex marriage. Especially if my recent Tweets with fellow Twitterers on the matter are any indication.

There are two very basic problems I have with this whole subject.

The first being the “conservatives” point of view on the matter. They are so concerned with the “institution of marriage” being ruined because two people of the same sex want to share in the (supposed) joy of marriage. See the problem is heterosexuals have done plenty to ruin the institution of marriage all by themselves. It is not gonna get worse just because two men or two women wanna tie the knot and have it recognized by the government. The term “marriage” in and of itself is (mostly) a biblical term. Since the United States specifically does not allow the establishment of religion.. we shouldn t be recognizing marriage whatsoever. The US should be recognizing “Civil Unions” instead and open to all consenting adults. A same sex marriage isn’t going to change why a heterosexual couple got married in the first place. Unless heterosexuals have forgotten why they wanted to get married. Hm. Maybe thats something they should think about.

Here is the other problem… the gay community is worried about the wrong thing. If you use the alphabet as a road map of human equalities, the gay community is trying to jump from A to “M”, when they haven’t even won their biggest battle at “I”. In this case, “M” is for marriage – “I” is for ignorance. The gay community needs a major makeover. There are still too many people who are not educated enough to realize that there really is no difference between a heterosexual and a homosexual. Everyone has a “preference” in one form or another. Some prefer blonds, some brunettes. Some prefer their partner to be thinner, some prefer a little more meat on the bone. The fact that some prefer the same sex and others the opposite sex.. just proves we are all more alike than many of us want to believe. Many in the heterosexual community have the wrong idea. They still see the gay community by the stereotypes that the gay community is allowing them to see. That has to change. The gay community needs to show everyone that they lead same “normal lives” their heterosexual counterparts share – professionals, families, etc. Then – just maybe – the gay communities travels to “M” might not be paved with so many road blocks.

4 thoughts on “Oh the horror of it all!

  1. oh, I don’t know that you understand many conservatives

    You know, I’m conservative. I’m heterosexual, and I’m fricking old- 56 years old. I honestly could care less about what someone’s sexual preference is. Homosexuality or heterosexuality is not the essence of a person.

    I have very conservative homosexual friends and liberal heterosexual friends. I think all of them are off base.

    What we are all in danger of losing is our personal freedom to be who we are, to believe in what we as individuals may believe in. The current government, both Democrat and REpublican is obsessed with telling us how to live.

    Before you know it, we will be giving up our right to eat what we want to eat, to make our livings the way we want to, to keep the temperature of our homes what we want it to be- the government wants power.

    Whether one is straight or gay is meaningless. We need to stick together to protect our rights to be who we want to be.

    Does that make sense to you?


    1. Re: oh, I don’t know that you understand many conservatives

      Yes it makes perfect sense and I couldnt agree more. However, I am sure you are well aware that you are probably close the minority of conservatives on that viewpoint. Its unfortunate, but it is true. I just find it interesting how some conservatives whine about how much government is invading our lives.. then they turn right around and say we need government intervention to “save the institution of marriage”.


      1. Re: oh, I don’t know that you understand many conservatives

        Honestly, at the same time, I am very pro-life, yet liberals who say that anyone who is pro-life is putting the government into personal lives are very often the same people who want to force us all to be vegan greenies who never drive.

        In the end, the Federal government should be there to protect our rights in the Constitution, not to find rights (like abortion) that are not there nor to destroy rights (like property rights and gun rights and free speech rights).

        The question of abortion should be a State issue.

        I see “gay marriage” as something that should also be a State issue. And I believe that the forcing of gay marriage on people by the Courts, not thru legislation, is what upsets people. This is not supposed to be a dictatorship.

        Personally, I think the government should register civil unions for heterosexuals and homosexuals and marriage should be granted by one’s religion, not the government at all.

        1. Re: oh, I don’t know that you understand many conservatives

          While I have my own opinions on Abortion… I think a pro-choice stance is more “non-intrusive” than “pro-life”.

          Personally, I think the government should register civil unions for heterosexuals and homosexuals and marriage should be granted by one’s religion, not the government at all.

          Exxxxactly. Now can you please through the thick skulls of all those nutcases out there? lol

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