Secession is already happening.

At first, I completely scoffed at the very idea of a Texas sized secession from this great Union. To me it was just a buncha talk, a meager threat and call for attention. They just want to assert themselves and reintroduce the rights of the States.

Then I thought about it further after an evening of inebriation and morning full of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Maybe… just maybe its not so far fetched after all when you take into consideration local events right here in Metro Atlanta.

Secession is rampant.

In Fulton County alone numerous cities have been created in just the last few years including Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton and Chattahoochee Hill Country. Most recently, in Dekalb County, the city of Dunwoody was formed.

In my home of Gwinnett County, we haven’t seen a whole lot of succession (yet), but we do have multiple repeat performances of pseudo-secession with four Community Improvement Districts (CID) formed and operating… and news of a fifth in process of forming.

When I first started writing for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, I had some readers who were trying to be all elitist and pretend that “Norcross” didn’t have any problems. So I wrote a lil diddy called A Tale of Two Norcrosses in which I basically reminded them that the city limits extend far beyond their beautiful and cozy little downtown and that the problems the Gwinnett Village CID was formed to deal with.. were their problems too. At the end, I posed a very interesting question:

“Should Gwinnett Village incorporate as a city?”

Today, the question is “Why ARE we seeing so much secession into smaller governments?”

The answer is simple. Government got too fat and happy and lost focus – and more importantly got greedy. The people were being ignored and taken advantage of – by big government.

No matter how you want to look at it… we are being over taxed. The ‘political prostitutes’ (as I like to call them) are more concerned with their personal agendas and pandering to special interests, than doing what is right for the common good – for everyone. They are spending us into an eternal bankruptcy. The more amazing thing is, for all the idiotic legislation and laws they are trying to enact… they are not even enforcing laws that have existed for decades.

Hence, we have a domino effect at the local, state and now -apparently- the national level.

These political prostitutes IN BOTH PARTIES across the country are going to bring an end to the greatest experiment in all of humankind because of their inactions and their actions.

The people have had enough. If Texas, does secede (and I think it is very unlikely they will)… other States WILL follow right behind them.

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