Time for a Red Light on a Blue Law

The Kentucky Derby, one of three stages of the Triple Crown, is an annual tradition of extreme grace, revelry and triumph. While I would love to be there live and in person placing bets on the winning horse tomorrow, I’ll just have to settle for a 10 minute drive to my local gambling establishment.

Ohhhhh that’s right… I live in Georgia, now and forever known as “The Ass-Backward State” because if it makes no damn sense at all some pandering political prostitute will legislate it pretending they have morals only when it is convenient for them.

So, now the only enjoyment and entertainment value I will get out of the race will be to watch it in High Definition on my flat screen TV.

Georgia is a Blue Law state. In other words, a bunch of hyper-religious pandering prostitutes (IE: the State Legislators and Governors) who cant pull their heads out of some book long enough to inhale oxygen and think clearly while they say they want “limited government” while at the same time legislating their personal agendas and religious beliefs.

Sorry… I had to take a deep breath. You see its just the closer it gets to the Kentucky Derby, the more it reminds me of how much politicians are screwing with us. I also find it a little annoying that in Georgia we allow Bingo (that’s ironically played in some church’s), raffles (also taking place in church’s) and the Lottery (largely played by people who consider themselves religious)… of which can have very sizable payouts or prizes. But we are not allowed to bet on horses or any sporting event and they wont allow casino gambling.

Governor Sonny Perdue, one of the absolute most ineffective Governors in recent history, will apparently go out of his way to decide for people how they should live their lives.

“Bert Brantley, a spokesman for Perdue, said the governor has “serious” constitutional and moral concerns with casino gaming, and the governor believes the issue would best be addressed through the General Assembly.” (Bizjournals.com)

Basically it ll be a cold day in a hell that doesn’t exist before Perdue will allow any other form of gambling in Georgia. This coming from a Governor of a state that includes Metro Atlanta that relies very heavily upon convention business and nothing here to draw that business to the area. Atlanta cannot compete with the likes of Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Orlando who each have a vast amount of entertainment value and whose convention business is doing mostly splendidly. Atlanta, and the rest of Georgia, cant compete and we are losing out on revenue – and a tremendous amount of freedom – as a result.

Now Georgians are faced with rising taxes and the HOPE scholarship program is struggling all because someone feels the need to legislate our morals for us. Ohhh… but don’t misunderstand them.. they aren’t “communists”… they are they moral authoritative figures who just so happen to want to tell us how to live, think and behave.

There’s no difference right?

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