Gwinnett Village: On the road to recovery

The Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District (CID) held an open house today and invited the community to view proposed changes to the very congested intersection of Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Singleton/Norcross-Tucker Road.

For those who are not familiar with the intersection, it resides in an area within Gwinnett Village where arguably revitalization efforts are needed most. As part of that revitalization, there are traffic issues that need to be addressed – both pedestrian and vehicular.

The focus of the project that was presented by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in coordination with the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation and the Gwinnett Village CID, is to “better accommodate pedestrians and maintain efficiency of the intersection, the proposed improvements also include lane additions to promote more efficient vehicle improvement and reduce the potential for vehicle conflict between drivers and those utilizing the areas sidewalk system.”

In the rendering below, you get a glimpse of what the proposed changes to the intersection might look like.

– In the North West (by Walgreen’s), North East (where Wendy’s is – today), and in the South East corners, you see the addition of sidewalks (in yellow) that will also include the addition of some greenery.

– The light orange areas represent concrete medians that will be built as part of the improvements to vehicular traffic flow.

– The light gray area represents where the proposed physical changes to the road will expand to. This includes an additional turning lane on northbound Jimmy Carter Blvd to Norcross-Tucker Rd. Singleton Road will see reverting to dedicated left turn lanes onto southbound Jimmy Carter Blvd as well as a right turn only headed northbound. Some entrances and businesses (primarily the Wendy’s on the northeast corner) will be eliminated as a result of the road expansion.

GDOT is accepting comments on the proposed changes via the web at From the Information Center, click on Public Outreach

Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Singleton/Norcross-Tucker Rds

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