They Debate You Decide: Atheists are less than human?

Enter Cardinal Cormack Murphy-O’Connor:

And for a rebuttal I bring you the one and only Penn Jillette

Okay.. so its really not much of a debate. But you have to hand it to Penn Jillette to call someone less than human because they are a non-believer is pretty drastic. I mean after all, I dont recall any non-believers flying airliners into tall buildings or instigating numerous wars throughout history or even killing a man in a church because they happen to disagree or even pointing weapons of mass destruction largely due to differences in religious beliefs.

Oh yes… the non-believers are truly bringing the end to the human race. Non-believers are the morally and ethically corrupt. Sure.

5 thoughts on “They Debate You Decide: Atheists are less than human?

  1. I agree religions breed violence. But let me get the theist response out the way now: Hitler was a Roman Catholic, and anti-semitism is religiously inspired, so you can’t use that one. Stalin killed people because he could, not for the “cause” of atheism (unlike holy war, jihad, or honor killings which ARE inspired by religious causes/sentiments). Chairman Mao likewise killed political opponents to have unquestioned power. It was undoubtedly a wicked thing, but he did not do it because of his fervent belief in the non-existence of god and the afterlife rewards he thought he’d been promised.

    That’s left to jihadists, martyrs, and fundamentalists.

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