Would John Oxendine represent all Georgians?

I have on many occasions stated how much politics annoys me while at the same time finding it to be such wonderful entertainment. The race for the next Governor of Georgia appears to be holding true as it is also both annoying and entertaining.

Dont think it can be both annoying and entertaining at the same time? Well the hypocrisy of some politicians makes it entirely possible.

Lets take a recent campaign newsletter emailed from John Oxendine, current Insurance Commissioner of Georgia and Republican Candidate for Governor, where he boasts of his grand ole pandering pledge to the Right To Life crowd.

“If elected, I will use the power of the Governor’s office to create an environment where abortion providers will not want to do business in Georgia any longer,” said Oxendine, now the proud dad of a new baby boy. “The Oxendine Administration will enforce existing laws and use the state Constitution to put Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers out of their grizzly business.”

Stop right there. I thought “Conservatives” were supposed to be all about less government? While he doesn’t say he say that he is attempting to choose for a woman or couple whether or not they have an abortion, he may as well because he seems pretty adamant to make it very difficult for any woman or couple to have such a choice. This next statement from the newsletter pretty much confirms his intentions:

“As Governor, I will promote and reinforce policies that protect life,” said Oxendine. “Our support for all life should be supplemented by an amendment to the Georgia Constitution proclaiming a paramount right to life, and I intend to use my office to move this legislation forward.”

In May, President Obama made what some believe to be a very controversial visit to the University of Notre Dame. The controversy stemmed due to a difference of opinion on abortion between the President and the Catholic Church. Just hours before he was to make his appearance at the University, I recall a friendly debate between Rev. Richard McBrien and Rev. Frank Pavon on Fox News Sunday. During that debate, Reverend McBrien made a very interesting comment. He stated that he was indeed Pro-Life… till death.

So here is my question for John Oxendine… if you are proclaiming to be such a protector of “all life”… do you also support Capital Punishment?

I have sent him an email asking him that very question along with questions regarding what he would do to reduce crime and deal with reductions in law enforcement in some communities. I will post his response if/when he responds. Crime is one very important issue to us all that so far the Ox seems to have largely ignored.

Here is another question I would love to ask the Ox and any other candidate. If you were to become Governor of Georgia, would you govern representing ALL Georgians?

Because if the newsletter above and some remarks on his website are any indication he seems to have a very narrow vision of who he would represent. Oxendine seems to be going out of his way to prove he is everything that is wrong with modern day American politics and everything that this state and country do not need anymore of. I am really starting to question whether his intentions are to represent all taxpayers of Georgia or just the special interests he’s pandering for votes from.

Americans have made it very clear that they are tired of “business as usual” politics. Its time a candidate rise up from the “center” and into the occasion with clear intentions that special interests can no longer govern our lives and return to the basic principles that all men are created equal.

Unfortunately, I do not think John Oxendine is such a candidate, and I challenge him to prove me wrong.

2 thoughts on “Would John Oxendine represent all Georgians?

  1. Let’s not forget Oxendine is also Safety Fire Commissioner (i.e. State Fire Marshal’s boss), and based upon my personal experience with ‘howdy-doody’, that office is full of corruption which he pretty much allows to exist (how does somebody with no knowledge of fire protection get that job?).

    Why does he frequently issue variances to contractors or owners that relieve them of the requirements of adopted codes and standards (there to protect lives and property), that are really variances in name only – the good ol’ buddy system perhaps? (for they save much money, perhaps for campagn contribution considerations?)

    Why does he allow the waiving of state law requiring professional oversight (i.e. architect/engineer seal on plans and supervising construction per title 43) of construction of certain occupancies when clearly even the attorney general’s office annotations to state law say otherwise? (because he can get away with it, also saving money that could be used for better purposes like campagne…)

    Why does he allow bizarre code interpretations to be issued (well you guessed it – that also save money so it can be used…) that the other 49 states and even the organizations that wrote the codes and standards interpret completly different?

    Perhaps the fire commissioner should be a seperate person than the insurance commissioner – in retrospect, I’d advise it. Combining the two may even be a conflict of interest… but bottom line – do we even want to risk placing someone this oblivious of what goes on around himself as our Governor???

  2. All the people who asked John for help as insurance commisioner and were left out in the cold with not even a responce from him or his office, I hope come back to bite him at election time! I myself know three people in the past who got no help what-so-ever from him when requested. If you check with people you know, you WILL FIND people who asked him for help and got none! His claims on the air are false and he will not do the state of Georgia any good. It’s amazing that people think they can -hit on people and then ask them to vote for them!

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