Idiot of the Day: Pope Benedict XVI

“Freedom cannot be absolute,” the pontiff said.

Pope Benedict XVI, 2010

This is a very telling statement considering Nazi Germany was alive and well during his youth..

4 thoughts on “Idiot of the Day: Pope Benedict XVI

  1. Why is it an idiotic statement though? Certainly coming from him it seems to turn back on itself, even without making reference to the Holocaust. But freedom is in fact limited in all its manifestations, and one of the great swindles of our times is the idea that it is not. One would hate to find oneself on the wrong side of such a fundamental debate just to score points against a Pope, or a prime minister, or any other idiot. TOG

    1. Because in the context it was used… he is essentially stating that Gay men and women are second class citizens. that they do not share the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. So yes… I took exception to that particular comment made by the man who supposed preaches about peace and goodwill to man.

      He’s a hypocrite.

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