More proof humans are -evolved- animals.

RE: BBC News – Experts stunned by swan divorce at Slimbridge wetland.

I heard this story on NPR, and I could not wait to get home to share it with you.

I love this story on so many levels. Most importantly because it just provides more proof that human beings are more a part of nature than they want to believe.

What I mean by that is, maybe its just me, but many humans seem to feel like they are a separate entity from nature altogether.

Oh.. I know there are some “believers” out there who feel that they are descendents of Adam and Steve.. err Adam and Eve.  Yes they hate hearing that we are really just apes that entered the evolutionary warp drive.

Man is part of nature… and there is proof all around us. I mean.. how different can man be from animal when even the most monogamous of creatures experiences that much love… and heartbreak.

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