Idiot of the Day: Joe Colquitt

Idiot of the Day: Joe Colquitt

The younger man told police his father pulled out a handgun when they met at the church to discuss church attendance. He told officers his father pointed the gun at him and threatened to kill him, his wife and family.

Sounds like guns and religion mix as well as politics and religion. But then again.. its become glaringly obvious that guns and humans dont mix well.

It is too much power. Luckily.. no one was harmed or killed. This time.

3 thoughts on “Idiot of the Day: Joe Colquitt

  1. To all that read,

    Pastor Joe L. Colquitt is a good God fearing man with an excellent rapport, as well as being a pillar of his community. What is ignorant, is when someone publishes an article such as this; without having thorough knowledge of what really happened. That is ignorance!!!!

    Furthermore, people should learn to tend to their own business instead of making assumptions based on what someone else says. Moreover, this man is my pastor, and I do not appreciate the slander and judgment; that has been cast down upon this him.

    As professed Christians, people need to stop judging others, and consider their own down-falls and mistakes. Remember, know one is; nor ever will be perfect, but Jesus Christ. We all make mistakes and fall short of the Glory of God. Try reading your bibles! “Judge not; for thou shall be judged.”!!!

    Have a blessed day, and I pray that each of you find it in your hearts, to forgive and forget. Moreover, I pray that we all can learn to live by God’s number one and two commandments. Please look them up, and share with me what saith the Lord.



    1. Soooo… Are you saying he DIDNT pull a gun on his family? I ask because there are a whole lot of news sources reporting otherwise.

      And Ill tell you what.. when religion and the church can keep its nose out of everyone else’s business.. Ill do the same for them. Otherwise. the more they attempt to influence politics and others personal lives… the more they are going to hear from me. If he pulled a gun.. ON HIS FAMILY (or on anyone for that matter).. then he’s earned all the judgement upon him that can possibly be delivered. He earned a “Idiot of the Day” appointment.

      1. Mr. Bass,

        I am glad you decided to respond. It seems it took you a couple of days to gather your thoughts; however, I can understand that. First and foremost, let’s get one thing straight; GOD is the only one who has the right to cast judgment upon anyone. We in the secular world, take it upon ourselves to cast judgment on others, when according to God’s inspired “WORD” only He has that right.

        Furthermore, I will agree that mixing politics and religion have become more prevalent today. However, there is supposed to be a separation of state and church. But as we know, there is no honor to that code today. Moreover, in regards to whether or not Mr. Colquitt pulled a gun on his son. I personally was not there, however; I do have further insight as to what took place, and I will say; the story has beenextensively exaggerated. As a publisher, I understand it is your job to respond and report pertaining to local issues, however, I would ask that rather than taking what is being said by the media or a third party – try seeking the truth by speaking to one of the parties involved.

        I would like to set the record straight, I am not hear to argue religion, because it is not for any of us to judge or ridicule a person for something that we do not have full knowledge of. I say this, because when you do this, it does nothing but draw more negative attention, as well as cast a negative light on the individual(s) involved. Furthermore, it has a tremendous impact on their livelihood, therefore, making thesusceptible to negative repercussions on their jobs. The unemployment rate (10% Nationally) is high enough, and who are we to add to that, by casting negative publicity upon an individual you know nothing about. One last comment! In regards to the term idiot; that is a word or term, that is so precariously used by people. An idiot, is someone who chooses to refuse to learn from their mistakes, after making one after another continuously. God bless you and your loved ones. I hope you have learned something from this brief forum.



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