Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Cheat Notes

Sounds like a rock band doesnt it?

I watched Palin’s interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I thought she actually did a fairly decent job. I still do not see her as Presidential material however. Im certainly not buying her BS about quitting her Governorship to save Alaska from financial woes of her legal troubles. And kudos to Wallace for calling her out on it.

Then my friend Darlene pointed this out to me on Facebook… and I couldn’t stop laughing:

and kudos to SpaceyG from Twitter for the follow comment:

SpaceyG: Wow! Juan Williams actually made a good pt. Alert the media! “The Queen of the Tea Party can’t quit it like she did Alaska.” #FNS

As Wallace pointed out.. Reagan didn’t quit under similar circumstances. Palin did.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Cheat Notes

    1. lol. well I certainly do not think she’s “stupid” by any means… but I certain question why she’s considered the leading candidate for the GOP right now considering there are other potential candidates out there that have accomplished alot more than she has.

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