Sonny Perdue knows best?

Neal Boortz would often repeat a diatribe about how Government knows what is best for its people. That usually follows a comment about how Government doesn’t change because that would take away the politicians power over the people. They would no longer be able to hold the preverbial gun to our heads to control every aspect of our lives.

Which is why I have a bruise on my forehead from it meeting my desktop when I read that Sonny Perdue said ‘The best people aren’t always elected’.

First… I should just state from the start that… I think Sonny Perdue is the worst Governor the state of Georgia may have ever had. He’s a liar and deceitful.

Sonny Perdue thinks the Governor knows what is best for Georgians… but waited till the last year of his second term to do anything about Transportation while the entire state remained bottlenecked in traffic and endured sub par transit systems.

Sonny Perdue thinks the Governor knows what is best for Georgians… but in his 7 years Georgia is still a bottom feeder in terms of Education and even cut state spending for schools.

Sonny Perdue thinks the Governor knows whats best for Georgians… but he wants someone like John Oxendine (someone whose pockets were lined by insurance companies) or Ray McBerry (a well known Theocrat) to appoint our Insurance Commissioner or Superintendent of Schools.

Sonny Perdue thinks the Governor knows what is best for Georgians… but since taking office in 2003, the unemployment in the state has doubled. Oh sure.. the Governor should choose the head of the Department of Labor… NOT THE PEOPLE.

Sonny Perdue thinks the Governor knows what is best for Georgians.. but one of Georgia’s biggest exports recently poisoned 100’s of people nationwide while under his watch because Perdue was too busy praying for rain that ended up ruining another vital Georgia export.

And didnt Sonny Perdue give Roy Barnes some shit about children in foster care when he was running for Governor? Hmm well it seems that Governor Sonny Perdue wasnt really able to do much to help foster children during his tenure now was he?

Oh sure… Perdue is a perfect example of a Governor who knows what is best for Georgia.

Actually… all Perdue has accomplished is… proving politicians do not know anything about their people or what is best for them. The people do not need additional politics to be played by a Governor to decide who will run Georgia. The same kind of politics Perdue has played his entire political career.

One thought on “Sonny Perdue knows best?

  1. Sonny Purdue cannot be described by any words that would be good. He’s wishy-washy! He screams for securing our borders but is in favor of illegals staying in this country even if they have broken the law while here illegally! He’s in favor of paying for illegals educations with taxpayer money. He’s motivated when he can profit (getting highway moved to come right by his property and selling property to the state) but not if there is nothing in it for him!As for his support for John Oxindine, check with people you know and you will find someone who tried to get Mr. Oxendine to help them on insurance matters when he was commisioner but their requests fell on deaf ears. I hope all the people he left out in the cold come back to haunt him this election! Sonny doesn’t even know what is best for him much less the rest of Georgia! He should be forced to move to Mexico!

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