Why dont more Americans support Ron Paul?

Yes, that is a serious question. Look… no one candidate is going to be the perfect candidate.. unless your the candidate… but Ron Paul… to me seems to represent alot of what most Americans look for in a candidate… but he just doesnt seem to get the support that… he probably should be. Maybe that will change, even though its still WAY early, due to the recent results of the CPAC straw poll​

The winner of the presidential straw poll (pdf) at this week’s American Conservative Union’s CPAC Conference wants to bring our troops home, legalize hemp, and end the “war on drugs.” He’d be OK with non-“disruptive” openly-gay service members, he thinks banks shouldn’t be “too big to fail,” he voted against the Patriot Act, and he thinks the separation of church and state is a dandy idea.

via Ron Paul Runs Away With CPAC Straw Poll – New York News – Runnin’ Scared.

You know… if I were going to break my own rule about voting for a candidate that is a member of a political party… I would have to say.. I probably agree with Ron Paul on most issues. He really is not your atypical politician. I think of most politicians he may actually have the most common sense.

Scary huh. Im really surprised more Independents, Centrists and Moderates have not embraced him more. He fits about 95% of their positions.

Here is Ron Paul in his own words…

So what is keeping people from supporting Ron Paul?

2 thoughts on “Why dont more Americans support Ron Paul?

  1. I think a big problem with Ron Paul is that he does not fit the Republican nor Democrat mold. That’s a big problem in trying to garner funding and sometimes support. Additionally I think his followers can turn people off too.

  2. Look at Ron Paul’s stance on abortion:

    No one’s going to be the “perfect” candidate? Yer kiddin’, right?

    When people talk of rights, there is no more of a fundamental right than to own one’s own body, without question or qualifying legislation.

    It’s rather dismissive to say that his stance on RvW and the right to abortion is part of his “not being a perfect” candidate.

    If someone told you that you owned your body and were responsible for it until you had sex and that sex resulted in an unwanted pregnancy, you’d be singing a different tune, Woody, unless of course you had slave mentality.

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