This is why you cant even trust your partner.

So often I hear about people who think they have figured out some magic trick to dodge the lethal HIV/AIDS bullet while having unprotected sex. That, of course, is idiotic and is borderline murder/suicide.

One of the common ways to reduce your risk is to reduce the number of sexual parterners.  While no amount of sexual activity is 100% safe, having a monogamous partner certainly significantly reduces your risk of contracting any STD.

That is if your partner is honest with you.  Enter Darren Chiacchia who didnt share his HIV status with his partner:

Darren Chiacchia, Olympic Equestrian, Charged with Exposing Unknowing Partner to H.I.V. – Crimesider – CBS News.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga.. but until the human race can discover honesty again… maybe she’s got the right idea to handle all of this. Atleast for the majority of the people out there who are not.. shall we say… very careful or selective about who they have sex with.

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