Truvada, not very truthful on claims vs HIV

An article in the San Francisco Business Times, FDA: Gilead ad for Truvada ‘misleading’,, is just a little proof of exactly why I keep saying people should not get too much security out of the success some drug cocktails have had for those infected by HIV/AIDS.

In this report, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has asked Gilead Sciences, Inc. to pull their advertising touting their drug Truvada as “better or more effective than has been demonstrated.”

From the article:

Specifically, the FDA takes issue with ads that show photographs of a woman who takes Truvada as part of her HIV
combination therapy — at graduation, in an office setting and as a married woman sitting on a sofa — and appears to be happy and in good health. The headline above the images states, “HIV doesn’t have to change the hopes and dreams I have now.” Among the claims below the images is the line, “With once a day Truvada for my HIV, I can plan for long-term success.”

“The print ad is false or misleading because it overstates the efficacy of Truvada, makes unsubstantiated claims and minimizes the risks associated with the drug,” the FDA regulatory review officer Aline Moukhtara said in a letter to Joyce Acbay, Gilead’s director of regulatory affairs.

This is exactly why I am so concerned about risky sexual behavior, particularly (but not solely) within the gay community. They are being given a false sense of security with this is the kind of advertising. Gilead is not the only company responsible, nor are they responsible for an individuals behavior. People need to know the truth. They need to see the truth. These drugs do not provide a cure for HIV or AIDS. They essentially only assist in prolonging life and keeping the effects of HIV/AIDS on the body at bay.

2 thoughts on “Truvada, not very truthful on claims vs HIV

  1. I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but the conservative xtians are (sort of) right with that whole abstinence thingy (I can’t believe I said that). The last remnant of my (shitty) Catholic upbringing is that I’m not “sexually free.” I just can’t bring myself to sleep around, and I’m scared that the one time I do-I’ll catch something. Probably a little bit irrational, but I’m a lot o’ bit irrational. I sure hope that sexually active people, in both our communities, do think that “there is a cure.” Scary stuff.

    See you in the twitterverse.


    1. Your not irrational at all… if anything that just proves that your as smart as I thought you were. And you are correct… its effecting everyone… I singled out the gay community because of the whole barebacking thing. But it definitly has an impact on everyone.. Just look at the infection rates in Africa.

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