Gwinnett Village working to revamp JCB/I-85

Looks like Gwinnett Village CID continues their good work.. and proving they are more effective than those who were elected to the Gwinnett Commission. This is a county that now has 5 CIDs to do the job the Commission SHOULD be doing. The same county that is raising our taxes while building an unnecessary $60 million baseball stadium and cut services. Yea that makes sense.

Anyway… back on topic… there are very interesting changes in store for the Jimmy Carter Blvd/I-85 and Pleasant Hill/I-85 interchanges.

I found an image for a similar project proposed in Missouri (courtesy of USA Today) that gives us somewhat of a glimpse of what JCB and Pleasant Hill might look something like:


UPDATE: Thanks to the Gwinnett Village for sharing an animation on how the diamond pattern might work. Look at the very beginning of this video:

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