Idiot of the Day: Karen Handel

I have to say… I am just completely SHOCKED by this… I know.. I shouldnt be.. she’s a politician… they are all the same. But i had serious hopes.. that she would was different.. she would be different….

but alas… Karen Handel has apparently decided that she believes it is perfectly okay for one group of individuals to vote to pass laws to restrict/deny laws to another group of individuals. That was her message responding to the recent overturning of California’s (clearly unconstitutional) Prop 8 ban of same sex marriage. Her tweet today:

sick and tired of liberal judges subverting the will of the people to push their left wing agenda. #gapolitics

She has just shown she is as pathetic as every other politician out there. So much for being an outsider.

Now.. Im completely embarrassed that I actually defended her.

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