What does the Gator Nation want in the next Head Gator?

So the Gator Nation is once again without a fearless leader. Of course, some within the Gator Nation might attempt to make the argument that the Gator Nation has been without a fearless leader since December 2009 after going 7-5 in the 2010 regular season… but in this blog.. we are a little more fair and more appreciative than to have such an attitude. Regardless if I have great displeasure with the kind of season the Gators had.

But Urban Meyer is now gone and since we are far beyond 24 hours… this time for good.

So Jeremy Foley, Athletic Director for THE University of Florida, is at it again to find the Gator Nation a new head Gator for the Multi-National Champion Gator Football team.

There are lots of articles about what kind of candidate Foley is looking for. Jeremy will get the job done… I don’t think there is any doubt of that and he has even admitted he has learned from the Zook experiment.

That is all fine and well… but what kind of coach does the Gator Nation want?

– First and foremost he has to have a very deep appreciation for the Gator Nation. If he doesn’t already bleed Orange and Blue, he damn well better get a very quick infusion. If he doesn’t love being a Gator and want to call The Swamp home… I don’t want him there wasting our time or money.

– He must be able to acknowledge the inflated expectations of the Gator Nation… and want to exceed them. He should cherish reaching out and being the face of Gator Nation. His is a big job to coach a team and lead an entire nation of followers… that must be a situation he wants to embrace and more importantly can handle. Embrace and cherish who the Gator Nation is, our traditions… then enrich and expand upon them.

– Head coaching experience is an absolute must, but it must be with a proven winning track record. Proven experience as a Coordinator – Offensive or Defensive – is also a must. If he can’t make proper adjustments during the game… we don’t need him. If he can’t see that this or that play just isn’t working but continues to use it anyway… we don’t need him.

– The Head Gator must be a master recruiter. He must be effective hauling in the best talent in America and bring them home to The Swamp as Gators. He must be able to recognize and recruit the best talent to coach these recruits as well. As we have seen over and over again… you can have all the best players your team can handle… but if they do not have the most experienced and knowledgeable staff to take their talents to the next level and build a proper game plan which will utilize the players talents… he will have failed. He knows better than to recruit players he knows would never fit his system or hire a coaching staff who can’t “coach em up”.

– The next ball coach must be a master motivator and want the most disciplined team in America. He must understand that the Gator Nation is tired of off the field issues and penalty after penalty after penalty. If you want the Gator Nation fired up and The Swamp rockin… fire them up. His attitude, his presence carries over to the entire Gator Nation. Just ask Steve Spurrier.

– He must hate our rivals more than we do. It should never be good enough to “just win”… he must want to dominate in all phases of the game – every game. He understands that the sort of attitude to “just win” is not a winning formula to win in the Southeastern Conference or bring home championships. Sure… shake hands be all sportsmanlike once the game is over… but during the game…… you must want total domination to win in this league. No mercy. The Gator Nation recognizes and appreciates a total effort the team puts on the field… even if the good guys come up short… a fantastic effort doesn’t go unappreciated.

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