Tis the season for the BCS… open season that is.

It is that time of year my friends… no.. not for Bah Humbug… its Bowl Championship Series season better known as the BCS. As always this time of year… its also open season for all the Playoff proponents to come out in full force ready to line the BCS up in front of a firing squad and probably follow that up with a trip to the guillotine just for good measure.

That is also when I look at them, roll my eyes in dramatic fashion and simply tell them they are wrong.

Oh yes… it’s the usual arguments…

“Why is this or that team in that bowl?”
“Why is that team in that bowl and not that team?”
“Woody how can you possibly support this corrupt system?”
“Every other major sport has a playoff… why not D-1 football?”
“Well, but Auburn in 2004….”

First of all, I will, as I always have, conceded that the BCS is not perfect. But I will also contend, as I always have, that a playoff would be no better. In fact… if you look at this deeper… it would actually be worse. I know… crazy talk right? Umm no. It’s not.

There will always be teams that will bitch about being left out of a playoff run that should be in (and some had a good point… just see a previous blog I wrote for some examples).

Then their will be those that’ll bitch about well that such and such team had the easier bracket to play through than such and such team. You know… like in 2006 when THE Florida Gators Mens basketball team repeated as National Champions.

You see my fellow college football fans… I have a news flash for you… it’s not about us. And there are fans that sometimes forget that they are not football players… they are Student Athletes. Just because S T U D happens to be the first four letters of Student doesn’t matter.

A playoff would take even more time away from the student aspect of their time on campus, and that HAS to play the most important part. If you will… a quote from our new Head Gator, Coach Must-Chomp, on the importance of these players getting their degree:

I think it’s critical that they get their degree when they come here. It hit home for me. I was lucky enough to coach in the National Football League. I was at the Miami Dolphins, and I’ll never forget it, a 24-year-old man who had a bad knee, who was married and had two children came into my office in tears because they had cut him that day. He said, Coach, I’ve got nothing to fall back on. And that’s when it really hit home with me. I said, well, you just need to go back and finish up school. He said, Coach, I’m over a year away; I went to a school that doesn’t pay for their students to come back and try to finish for their degree. And that’s where it hit home. You’ve got to get your degree. That’s why you’re here.


Now to this silly notion that “well the other kids are doing it” idea… umm what’s wrong with being unique? Why is it soooo important to destroy that which makes Division 1 football unique?

So what would I do to fix what is broken?

First… this auto-qualifier notion for certain conferences has got to stop. Does anyone really think that anyone from the ACC or Big East deserves to be in a BCS Bowl game? UCONN is ranked 25th in the nation… they are only in the Fiesta Bowl… because they won the Big East.

This association with some bowl games to certain conferences… has got to stop. I know… its tradition for the Rose Bowl to match up the Big Televen winner versus the PAC-10 winner (except in 2010)…. but well… here let me explain it this way… here are the 10 teams who finished atop the BCS standings … and the bowl game they are playing in.

1 – Auburn – BCS National Championship vs. #2 Oregon
2 – Oregon – BCS National Championship vs. # 1 Auburn
3 – TCU – Rose Bowl vs. #5 Wisconsin
4 – Stanford – Orange Bowl vs #13 Virginia Tech
5 – Wisconsin – Rose Bowl vs #3 TCU
6 – Ohio State – Sugar Bowl vs. #8 Arkansas
7 – Oklahoma – Fiesta Bowl vs. Unranked UCONN (AP #25)
8 – Arkansas – Sugar Bowl vs #6 Ohio State
9 – Michigan State – Capital One Bowl vs #16 Alabama
10 – Boise State – Las Vegas Bowl vs #19 Utah

Here is an example of how the 5 major BCS bowl games should have played out:

BCS National Championship Game: Auburn vs Oregon
Rose Bowl – TCU vs Stanford
Fiesta Bowl – Wisconsin vs Ohio State
Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma vs Arkansas
Orange Bowl – Michigan State vs Boise State

Other problems that have to be fixed-

– Preseason polls – Umm looking back on Florida and Texas… didja REALLY think either of them would end the season in the top 10? Really? Cmonnnn. I am the biggest Gator there is… and even I said they shouldn’t be in the top 10.

– All NCAA D-1 conferences should have a conference championship game. BigTeleven and Pac-10 is fixing that problem in 2011, but now the Big-12 will not have one. I mean c’mon. even C-USA has a conference championship game.

– Strength of Schedule – This shouldn’t even be determined until after the championship games have crowned their champions. How can we automatically be determining strength of schedule until after it is all said and done? I may be a Gator.. but I am not a SEC homer. Look at the SEC East… do you really think anyone who had to play a team from the division provided much help in this area? Really? South Carolina was given a gift.

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