TCU, 2011 Rose Bowl Champions and Hypocrites

Congratulations to the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs on their big win in the 2011 Rose Bowl over the Big Tens 5th loser in New Year Day bowl games – the Wisconsin Badgers.

I am not sure exactly how many people really think this TCU win was really that much of a surprise. Perhaps it was because Wisconsin hung 80 on Indiana and two weeks later laid 70 on Northwestern. Ok fine.. so I was one of those people. I was major drinking the fruity flavored powdered stuff. Well all those big wins don’t really look all that spectacular now do they? Icing on the Big-TelevenTwelve cake if Arkansas takes Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. That 6th loss would prove my point about the strength of schedule and pre-season polling by the way. Do any of those teams look like a Top.. 15 team?

TCU had one other goal they wanted to accomplish by winning the Rose Bowl. They wanted to do it for the little guys. For all those poor poor teams in Non-Autoqualifying Conferences.

Hmm really? REALLY?

Ummm thennn wwhhyyy are they going to the Big East, a BCS Auto-qualifying conference if the whole point of winning the Rose Bowl was to prove a point. and make a case for teams of Non-Auto-qualifying conferences?

From Coach Patterson press conference on the TCU moving to the Big East:

On how this moves helps toward the BCS Championship Game
“I don’t know. I don’t know if we would be any higher than where we are now. You have two very good teams right ahead of us. I have always said it doesn’t matter what conference you are in, you should be judged by what type of football team you have. We feel like we have a very good football team.”

On joining an automatic-qualifying conference
“Obviously there is an automatic qualifying berth that goes along with this, so for us, that plays into the realm of things and how we wanted to do this. We have more TV markets when you play on TV, more people will watch us on a national scale. So I think it’s a great move.”

Umm sorry Coach.. not buying it. This move was made to position TCU to win the Big East and remove those questions as to whether you belong in any BCS discussion. You win your in.

In essence… TCU didn’t win the Rose Bowl for the little guys not one bit. They won it for TCU. If they were looking to break the mold and challenge the system they would never have agreed to become a part of it by joining the Big East.

5 thoughts on “TCU, 2011 Rose Bowl Champions and Hypocrites

    1. Reasons # 6, #3, 2, and even 1 are bogus. NCAA has playoffs in faolbotl for Div 3, Div 2 and Div 1-AA (FCS) and playoffs work, those same objections would have to be applicable in these other divisions (and they are not). I love having Bama and LSU in the championship game, but would prefer them getting there via a playoff system. And they probably would in 2011 with a playoff system.

      1. Thats like saying “well the other kids are doing it”

        If your friends were walking across a tight rope between 2 40 story buildings doesnt mean you need to either.

        Your gonna have to come up with a better argument than that.

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