Westboro, unfortunately, gets another “W”

It would appear that the Westboro Baptist Church has won yet another round of legal battles to continue their tirade of dispicable acts. Fine… 1st Amendment rights .. I get it. What I do not understand is clearly those same rights would be open to counter-protesters as well. We know there are Christians that feel the acts of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church are dispicable… but where are they? Clearly they could band together in greater numbers, perhaps in song, and help these grieving families that have to suffer through this atrocity, aka Fred Phelps, time and time again. What is even worse… how many of these protests were of military members who were also Christians?

Here is the story on their latest victory: AJC.com: 1st Amendment protects military funeral protesters

If you were to create a “Most Wanted” or “Top 10” list of the most dispicable humans in recent history… I can think of quite a few people on that would have Fred Phelps right up on that list along with people like Timothy McVeigh, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Jeffrey Dahmer. No.. Phelps (to our knowledge) hasnt killed anyone nor (to our knowledge) threatened or performed any sort of violent act towards another in support of their beliefs. But their acts are just as troubling and just as disgraceful. Think about it this way. They are protesting against homosexuality during soldiers funerals who were killed in battle while serving our country at a time of war. Havent these families suffered enough? We do not know that these soldiers were gay. They were more than likely Christian themselves. Exactly how is this getting their point across? What are they really proving other than they continue to win a legal war to continue being dispicable and masses of media exposure? Their cause hasnt grown any stronger. That is all they have gained from this.

One thought on “Westboro, unfortunately, gets another “W”

  1. I\’ve used this video to try and bash those of us who believe in our fahits in Christianity. Not at all. I dissed the people in the video and their brand of Christianity. I said nothing here that is critical of the countless other strains of Christianity.Richard seems to be one of those people who can\’t accept the fact that many other Christians don\’t agree with him on certain matters of faith and morals. For a self-styled religious man, he seems to know very little about religion. I\’d love to debate him on the subject of Holy Scripture, but that would require a face-to-face standoff to guard against either of us using the Internet or printed materials and that ain\’t gonna happen.I will, however, pose one biblical question to Richard here and now. It has to do with his blatant homophobia: What did Jesus say about homosexuality? Happy hunting for an answer to that one.Oh, hell. I\’ll tell you the answer: He didn\’t say anything about homosexuality. If it was a matter of such grave moral concern, you\’d think Jesus would have addressed the subject. But there\’s nothing in the New Testament indicating that he did.There\’s one more point to make here: The question Richard poses in the last sentence of his comment No. 16 and the link he provides at the end suggest that he wonders if I\’m gay. Well, I\’m not. But if I were, I wouldn\’t hesitate to say so.You see, Richard, I\’m like the countless other heterosexuals whose views on homosexuality are diametrically opposite of yours. We\’re proof that you don\’t have to be gay to support gay rights (as hard as that is for you to believe).Oh, and you don\’t have to OPPOSE gay rights to be a good Christian.

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