SuperMoon on 3/19/11

I dont normally post about astronomical events… but I particularly love this one. Partially because well… March 19 is the last day of Winter, I have a great new camera I have been playing with that I now plan on getting pictures of this SuperMoon we will get tomorrow… and well… March 19 is just an all around fantastic day. It should be a National Holiday. Just sayin.

The so-called “supermoon” occurs when a new or full moon is in its closest orbit to our planet. On Saturday the moon will be 356,577 kilometers away, the closest it’s been in 18 years.

“The moon will be a little closer than it was last year, 1/4000 of a percent closer,” Gordon Johnston, planetary program executive for NASA, told “The distance between the Earth and the moon changes a lot in its orbit. Really the only change is that it appears bigger when it’s close. This coming full moon will be the brightest of the year.” article: ‘Supermoon’ to show up Saturday

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