Bible Thumpin on Georgia State Plates no longer a default but .. .free?

Still not sure how this is Constitutional based on Georgia’s Constitution which actually includes the words “Separation of Church and State” in it. It looks like they came to their senses a bit and dropped the default tag… but I dont think it should be free. I gotta pay a fairly hefty price for a specialized tag… if they wanna bible thump their tag.. they should have to pay something equally hefty EVERY year just like I and anyone else with a specialized tag has to pay.

‘In God We Trust’ stickers would be free

By Kristina Torres
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Anyone who wants their license plate to read “In God We Trust” would be able to do it for free under a bill passed Tuesday by the Senate.

Motorists can already buy a sticker with the motto for $1. The sticker can be placed over the usual county name decal Georgia license plates currently sport.

Under Senate Bill 293, those who want the motto can skip the charge to get it.

The call to a higher power — at least among vehicle owners — follows a minor controversy last spring. The state was forced to redo a public contest to pick a new license plate design after the Revenue Department’s website showed entries with the “In God We Trust” motto, without making clear it was not a permanent part of each design.

Sen. Bill Heath, R-Bremen, sponsored the bill. He originally proposed the motto would be the default on any license plates manufactured after July 1, but he dropped that mandate in committee.

SB 293 passed on a 48-3 vote. It now goes to the House for

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