Gambling? In Norcross, Georgia? I like this Dan Oleary fellow.

There are certain topics that can really capture my attention. Guns.
Religious nutcases.
College Football.
And ohhhh yes. Gambling. Especially so when it references breaking down ridiculous barriers put forth by political prostitutes that decided they would choose what is good/bad/right/wrong for any individual.

This is why developer Dan O’leary may actually be my new hero.. He has a great idea to take serious under utilized property and turn it into what we hope would be a profitable and revenue generating venture that oh.. would actually be a nice shot in the arm for the community in need of revitalization.

O’leary is planning to construct a $1 billion facility on the current OFS site within the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District that will include a hotel tower and entertainment options including a movie theater annnnd a game floor complete with 1,000’s of video lottery machines.

O’leary expects the facility to produce as much as $350 million a year to the HOPE college scholarship in dire need of a financial booster shot.

“Our project will completely solve the HOPE problem and will help Georgia in a huge way. It can start building back up HOPE’s reserves, send more kids to college, send more kids to prekindergarten — and we can do it today,” he said.

Of course, our (sarcasm)wonderful(/sarcasm) Governor, Nathan Deal, doesn’t seem too excited about the idea.

“That’s a discussion that we have not had with the lottery board,” he said when asked about his views on video lottery terminals. “I have some concerns about it, obviously. I do not support the casino-type concept. I don’t think that is good for our state. And I’ve also said I do not support other forms of gambling that some have suggested as a revenue measure.”

He wouldn’t possibly still be pandering to his bible thumping voters would he? C’mon Guvnuh… you already won the election. Why limit revenue streams when the State you were elected to run is facing a near budget crisis every year?

Governor Deal isn’t the only hater apparently after perusing comments to Jim Galloway’s column in the AJC: A lottery-fueled gambling complex in Norcross? .

IvoryNorcross has been on it’s way down the drain for sometime now, this would put it beyond the P trap! They should ask corrupt Detroit what gambling did for that city.

Sam the ShamMississippi has had gambling for years and how much did that money improve their education system???? They are STILL 50 out of 50.

ContractorYeah, go ahead and make it that much easier for all those sorry asses out there to go blow their welfare and unemployment checks instead of on Cash 3, Cash 4, and Fantasy 5 drawings three times a day. Go put it in Savannah or somewhere away from Atlanta where spending their livelihood is a little harder than just catching a MARTA bus to and from the casino.

Send Obama PackingGambling is most regressive on the poor black folks and poor white folks.

Gambling Is For LosersDan O’Leary, why does this idiot keep trying to push gambling on the state?
So he can make millions while he watches idiots go lose their life savings, kids education fund etc etc. Also the point about about Mississippi having gambling and still being last is a good point but also look at all the states that have gambling you will will see that they all are suffering with revenue. GAMBLING DID NOT SOLVE A DAMN THING FOR THEM! This proposal would also take monies away from the lottery as suckers only have so much money to lose. It is very simple economics.

My response?

You people who are bashing this idea… do you have any clue at all the good this would do? Oh no.. lets not bring something that could actually make a positive impact on an area that needs a serious boost. Oh and lets not forget… they will probably build this on a site thats currently just sitting there collecting dust not creating any revenue. I bet you haters were also against sunday alcohol sales too. Probably anti-public transportation people yet quick to bitch and whine about how bad traffic is and how no one does anything about it. Typical morons with typical moronic thinking.

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