AJC.com: Lawmaker wants schools to be able to arm administrators

A Georgia lawmaker, Representative Paul Battles, is actually suggesting that in order to protect the children in our schools we should actually take steps to possibly put them in more danger. Yes… he is actually recommending that school administrators carry weapons in schools.

First… guns make it too easy to commit atrocities (large or small) as it is.

Second… The whole “guns dont kill people, people kill people” argument is fine and all.. but but you can’t legislate crazy. Are we seriously going to get to the point where we are looking at our friends, families, neighbors and everyone else around us and say “is he/she so crazy as to go on a killing spree?” before we actually look and see.. that yes.. atrocities unfortunately happen, but going back to my first point.. when these people do go all lunatic on us… why make it easier for them by allowing access to weapons such as was used in Newtown, Aurora, Columbine, VaTech and so many other locales where these atrocities occurred. Lets face it.. we all have the emotional capability and decent probability of going lunatic. We may not like to admit it.. but that is true.

Adding more guns into the mix will not decrease the amount of tragedies.. .it will only make it easier for them to happen. Administrators are just as human as the rest of us.

Lawmaker wants schools to be able to arm administrators

By Aaron Gould Sheinin

A state lawmaker wants to allow schools to arm an administrator in an effort to prevent school shootings.

Rep. Paul Battles, R-Cartersville, has prepared legislation lawmakers could consider when they return to session beginning next week. The bill would empower school boards to allow one or more administrators to carry a weapon at school, at a school function or on a bus. Anyone chosen to carry a weapon would have to complete a state peace officer training course and qualify each year.

Battles said he’d rather have a trained police officer in every school but local boards and the state don’t have the money.

“We went through the discussion process of even possibly deputizing some of the administrators,” Battles said. “We had long discussions about different approaches. We came up with what I feel is the cleanest, most appropriate way for school systems to deal with their inability to provide security.”

The bill does not require an administrator in each school to be armed but provides the option.

The proposal comes as states seek ways to prevent tragedies like the December shooting at a Connecticut elementary school that left more than 20 people dead.

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