Tampa Bay Lightning Update

Jets 3
Lightning 8

Who says Lightning doesnt strike twice… or even 8 times. Bolts went on a 3-0 scoring run in both the first and second periods. The Jets didnt find the back of the net until the 3rd period with 3 points where the Bolts scored two more to close out the game. I think this probably would have been a shut out… but the Bolts let off the gas some. This was a total team effort and Lindback had another game to gain confidence… and I am starting to have confidence in him as well.

Oh an Yzerman……. THANK YOU for bringing Salo on board. Wow. I admit… didnt see the impact he was going to have.

Lightning improve to 7-1 on the season and undefeated in the Forum. A very important stat to keep up with. With this win tonight the Bolts are starting to put some distance in the Divisional standings.

The Bolts face their old boss man, Torts, and the Rangers (3-4) tomorrow in the Forum at 7:00 pm.

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