Sean Avery – One of a kind and should stay that way.

There are few professional athletes that I have great respect for, and even fewer that I can say I call my all time favorite. Despite what most conceive about Sean Avery, he is one such athlete. He speaks his mind. He plays with an attitude. He shatters all stereotypes of an athlete. And he doesnt apologize for it.

“Over the 12 years that I played I said some of the worst things that you could ever possibly imagine. And every time I did it because I thought that it was going to give me or my team an advantage,” Avery told TSN’s Michael Landsberg.

“You can pull hundreds of examples of things that I said over my career, but the bottom line is I was extremely good at

He is right. He played with that kind of attitude and he was really not so different off the ice. He is outspoken was very passionate about the way he went about his business and he was always 100% engaged and did not care what anyone thought about him. That was who he is and that will never change.

Unlike some other sports, the hockey community in general has a fairly progressive attitude about most social issues. Ok.. maybe sans Tim Thomas. Sean Avery was ahead of that game even before Brian Burke and his family created the >”You Can Play” Project in honor of his son. Avery has long been a vocal supporter of equal rights for the gay community.

To prove my point about the level of support he has shown for the gay community: From NBS/ProHockeyTalk :

Among other things, Avery is serving on the board of Athlete Ally, which promotes understanding and openness regarding people’s sexual orientations.

I can’t really think of too many athletes that would risk his image to offer the kind of support that Sean has. He has all the qualities that you would expect in any friendship. Too bad there are not more like him.

Thank you Sean… for being you and not apologizing for it.

One thought on “Sean Avery – One of a kind and should stay that way.

  1. The first pro athlete to join HRC’s video lineup supporting marriage equality was Sean Avery, the New York Rangers hockey player. An aggressive competitor on the ice, Avery attracted critical comments from Uptown Sports Management, a player agency whose owners argued for the sanctity of marriage between a woman and a man. However, most sports media commentators took positions that were neutral or favourable toward the Avery video, an outcome which is interesting in itself.

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