Florida Gators Update

Mens Basketball 2/9/13

Miss St 58
Florida 83

You never really can understand what you have until it is missing. I certainly didnt understand the defensive interruption that Will Yeguete presents to opposing teams until I witnessed this team on Saturday. They were not quite as dominating defensively as we have seen in the past. It also doesnt help (especially at this point in the season) that BillyD has to actually sit Wilbekin as a starter just to make a point about practicing better. All that being said, Prather and Frasier got quality playing time on the court and Wilbekin got BillyD’s message.

The Gators remain at home facing the Kentucky Wildcats tomorrow at 7:00 pm on ESPN. In my opinion, this is a must win game. The Gators remain the leaders in the SEC, but Kentucky is right otheir tails after winning 5 in a row. They must play their best game tomorrow.

SEC Basketball Standings:

Florida 19-3
Kentucky 17-6
Mississippi 18-5
Alabama 15-8
Missouri 17-6
Leghumpers 12-11
Arkansas 14-9
LSU 13-8
Texas A&M 14-9
Tennessee 12-10
Vanderbilt 9-13
Auburn 9-14
South Carolina 12-11
Mississippi State 7-15

Womens Basketball 2/10/13

Florida 67
Auburn 57

Bad start for the Gators in the first half, but the Lady Gators played a great second half to pull out a much needed win. It’s always a good thing to pull of a road win. Sydney Moss… yea… keep your eye on her… she’s gonna be a monster player. (I had no idea her Dad is Randy Moss). She was a rebounding machine with 11 vs Auburn and Mercer led scoring with 12 points.

Can’t wait to (hopefully) get to the Gwinnett Arena to take pics of the girls next month. In the meantime, the Ladies face the Lady Aggies (9-1 in SEC play) in College Station, Tx at 9:00 pm. The Gators must win out (in my opinion) in order to make the tournament and, being 4-6 in SEC play,possibly save Amanda Butlers job. And it won’t be easy in College Station.

SEC Basketball Standings
Tennessee 19-5
Texas A&M 19-5
Kentucky 21-3
Georgia 20-4
South Carolina 20-4
Vanderbilt 15-8
LSU 14-10
Florida 15-9
Missouri 15-9
Arkansas 16-8
Mississippi State11-12
Auburn 13-11
Alabama 12-12
Ole Miss 8-15

Lacrosse 2/9/13

Florida 5
North Carolina 3

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