The Sport of Numbers

Even as parity reigns over this college basketball season, there are a few teams that are simply dominating their opposition.  Despite suffering a few losses, two squads are on pace to record the highest full-season efficiency margin in the last 10 years (maybe longer, but I don’t have the data for seasons prior to 2002-2003), and a few others with an outside chance to do so.

Efficiency margin measures the difference between a team’s points for and points against per 100 possessions.  It’s similar to scoring margin, but it is normalized for pace of play.  Below are this season’s leaders in EM, as well as the gold standard for the last decade (data from StatSheet).

Efficiency Margin 2013 Season

Florida, Indiana, and Gonzaga are all in the hunt for #1 seeds, while Pittsburgh and SFA have flown somewhat under the radar.  2007-08 Kansas is included as the team with the highest EM over…

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