About this “spring forward” business…

I say it every year, Daylight Savings Time is one of the top 5 most ridiculous things we are forced to live with. It is right up there with the Blue Laws still idiotically active around many parts of this country. There is already research done stating that people are not getting enough sleep as it is, so lets just keep doing stuff to further screw up our internal clocks and make it even worse.

Because.. that makes so much sense. Like so many other things we bloggers love to write about.

A non-profit group, The Sleep Council, performed a survey on how people people are effected and adjust to Daylight Savings Time. The Sleep Council is funded by the mattress industry.. but considering how grumpy people are, I am beginning to think that lobbyists for the drug companies, like Pfizer, have their lil political prostitutes wrapped around their lil pinkies to tight that they are asking that Daylight Savings Time around. Think about it.. we’re tired and cant sleep and because of that we’re grumpy as all hell. That may lead to
prescriptions for drugs to help you sleep at night and help you not be such a bitch the next day. Imagine the amount of money the drug industry may be making off the impact of DST alone?

The CDC says that 41 million American workers do not get enough sleep.

Can you say Cha-Ching?

No… I don’t have any proof to support my theory that the drug companies have anything to do with Daylight Savings Time sticking around, but hey… its my conspiracy and I think its logically sound.

Live with it and love it.

Here is an article from the Atlanta Business Chronicle with more information on the study performed by The Sleep Council.

Survey: Daylight savings time causes grumpiness

Carla Caldwell, Morning Call Editor

A new survey says 61 percent of U.S. adults feel the effects of daylight savings time the Monday after resetting their clocks – and 11 percent feel the effects more than a week later. Daylight savings time starts Sunday at 2 a.m.

In the survey, conducted by the Better Sleep Council, 74 percent of workers over age 30 said not getting enough sleep affects their work. Nine percent said the lack of sleep means they are likely to fall asleep when in a meeting – or even when driving. Four percent admitted to getting into traffic accidents due to lack of sleep.

And if some co-workers seem unusually cranky on Monday, note that 30 percent of people surveyed said the time change affects their mood. Four percent of people said they are “much less pleasant” to be around, while 5 percent said “the Incredible Hulk has nothing on them.”

And, unfortunately, the effects could last for days, the survey says.

Twenty-nine percent of people surveyed said it takes them a full week to get back to normal – and 11 percent said it could take more than a week.

The Sleep Council, a nonprofit supported by the mattress industry, said the survey was conducted in first quarter 2013 with a
statistically representative sample of U.S. adults.

One thought on “About this “spring forward” business…

  1. It absolutely has to be a conspiracy! I am one of those people who feel the effects for over 2 weeks.
    DST usually starts at the same time as my annual 3 weeks without a day off. This year it also coincides with my husband leaving for his annual conference.
    So, I am losing one hour of sleep, have to get up 2 hours early to get him to the airport, then 10 days of 14+ hours of work, followed by 18 days of ~9 to 11 hour days, and the first 7 days I have to care for the 3 pets solo.
    Chances are you’ll see me eating fast food.

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