Georgia House Bill 512 facing opposition.

More evidence that the idiots in power solution to a problem.. is to add to the problem.. is House Bill 512. This bill was recently overwhelmingly approved by the Georgia House and currently awaits vote and approval by the Georgia Senate.

Key components to House Bill 512

The legislation, which won House approval last week and now awaits consideration by the Senate, would apply to people licensed to carry concealed weapons. It would:

•Allow guns in churches
•Allow guns in all bars
•Allow guns onto college campuses, not including areas such as dormitories •Allow guns inside unsecured government buildings, which can include courthouses •Allow guns inside schools
•Explicitly allow guns in nonsecured areas of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Source: Gun carry legislation running into some

However, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, the Bill may be facing some pretty interesting and powerful opposition. Opposition including Governor Deal, the Georgia Board of Regents (who oversees the states Universities and Colleges), several judges and school officials.

If it became law, people licensed to carry concealed weapons could bring guns into all bars, churches, parts of college campuses and inside unsecured government buildings.

Again I must provide some logical and common sense observations:

1) We already know the effects alcohol and drugs can have on ones emotional state. Do you really want firearms around people who are intoxicated?
2) Haven’t we already seen enough violence from firearms in churchs, colleges, court houses? Why on earth would you want to add more? 3) Why should someone in an “unsecured” area be at more risk than someone in a secured area? Did anyone think that.. hey with enough firearms that secured area could easily become unsecured anyway. Why risk it?

“We’ll continue to push and lobby for our side,” said Jerry Henry, executive director of the Georgia Carry advocacy group. “I feel pretty good we’re going to get something out of

Of course you are, because you think adding to the problem solves the problem. Um. 7300 of you are sorely wrong.

Thankfully, even though some of them are graduates of that evil establishment in Athens, Ga, the Georgia Board of Regents has enough collective common sense to see this is really not a good idea:

“We firmly believe the current law promotes a safe learning environment for our students and working environment for our faculty and staff,” the letter said. “Our unanimous recommendation is to retain the law in its current form. We kindly ask the legislature to consider our request.”

and Georgia judges:

“This opens the door for someone to go in and leave a weapon for someone at a later time,” he said. Emerson referenced a scene from “The Godfather” when Michael Corleone retrieves a gun someone left for him taped to the toilet in a restaurant bathroom. He then uses the gun to kill a rival mobster and a corrupt cop.

“That’s the sort of thing we have to worry about,” Emerson said. “I hope they’ll reconsider this.”

If the cities of Nelson and Kennesaw, and House Bill 512 were not enough to prove how incredibly irresponsible Georgia is in regards to firearms, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence grades the state an 8 on a scale of 0-100 with 100 being the best score. The grade is due Georgia having no policy for limits on gun purchases, no required background checks for gun show purchases and no ban on assault weapons.

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