How would you reduce gun violence?

Without really much surprise to anyone, Wayne LaPierre, the head honcho of the NRA, made a visit to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) and blasted proposed increased background checks on firearms.

“Their check only includes good, law abiding people,” he said. “That’s what they are after, the names of good, decent people all over this great country, who happen to own firearms to go into a federal database for universal registration, every lawful gun owner in America. That’s their answer to criminal violence…are they

Ok… try not to be too surprised when I say this.. but he is partly correct. That hurt more to say than it did read. Believe me.

Background checks ultimately will not solve much. However, I am sure we don’t agree on the reason… WHY.

Criminals, bad people.. whatever you want to call them will probably not go through a legal methods to obtain a firearm.. or rather be denied from obtaining a license to carry and purchase a firearm. If they do and fail, yes.. I agree.. if they really want one… they will probably find/steal/etc a way to get one if they really want one that badly.

The problem is.. how many of these “bad people” did we think we were “good” before they did something to be considered “bad”? That is WHY the background checks ultimately will not reduce violence from firearms. But every little bit helps to reduce violence resulting from firearms. But there are greater actions that need to take place that I feel will have a much bigger impact.

– Limit gun sales to 1 person per year with a maximum of 2 per household. – Require a special permit, with additional background checks, for each person in a household with greater than 2 guns.
– After increased/improved background checks, require insurance policy, training/safety classes and testing just as is done for purchasing, owning and driving a vehicle. The training/safety course should be required for each new firearm purchase.

What additional measures would you put in place to reduce gun violence?

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