Photo of the Day

Today I present the final member of the band Texas is the Reason, Scott Winegard. Interestingly enough, not only does he play bass, but is apparently an accomplished chef as well.







One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. I imagine that’s not esaeicplly comforting for readers of the blog to hear, David, even though you are of course factually correct. There are way way too many instances of people saying actions of individuals who are called by my name are not my concern and i insist that you treat me as separate (c.f. the response of most Muslim organizations when a terror atrocity takes place). No matter which of your dozen brands of Presbyterian you take place to belong to (PCA, EPC, RPC, PCUSA, etc), the point is that the biggest wing on the Presbyterian Church is currently engaging in something evil vis- -vis Israel and the Jews. The evidence that there might be other Presbyterians who don t subscribe to such vile stuff is to be uncovered in letting folks know and see that we Presbyterians (all of us) are willing to own it, ready to denounce it, and are actively engaged in fighting it. This is no time to be insisting that we don t know em and we ain t element of em.

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