2013 SEC Predictions – Jawjuh Leghumpers

Since I am doing these predictions in Alpha Mascot order… next up is my favorite team to loathe, despise and laugh at every chance I get.

The Leghumpers ended their 2012 campaign with ranked 19th nationally in Points For and 18th nationally in Points Against with a 12-2 record including the SEC Championship game. By the way.. if you ever want to shut a Mutt fan up, ask them if they are feeling okay and then say “because you’re looking about 5 yards short.”

The Mutts, admittedly were very balanced on the Offensive and Defensive side of the ball. They did lose a lot of talent from the Defense to the NFL including Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, John Jenkins, Shawn Williams, Sanders Cummings, Cornelius Washington, and Bacarri Rambo.

That’s a lot of talent to replace.. and most of those players were the big difference makers that allowed the Mutts the success they had.

Let’s face it though, the Leghumpers had a pretty easy path in 2012 where they faced only 4 teams during the regular season that were even bowl eligible… 5 if you really want to count GaTech who had to beg the NCAA to participate.

The 2013 slate of games for the Slobberhounds… is a little different. Let’s see how they fair in 2013:

8/31 @Clemson

The Mutts face the first of a set four tigers teams with Clemson who ended 2012 6th in Points For and 48th in Points Against. Needless to say.. this is a good opener for both teams. But history tells us… that for both of these teams… that’s not a good thing. Clemson has beaten Auburn, Troy, North Texas, Middle Tenn in their opener.. but let’s face it.. those teams were scrimmages.. yes even Auburn that year. In 2008, Clemson faced a rising Bama team and lost 34-10. Comparatively, Georgia has beaten Buffalo, La-Lafayette, and Georgia Southern, but lost to Boise State (in Atlanta no less), Oklahoma State. So, while they get credit for playing a big opener, this just proves that neither team can win them. Difficult to predict who would have the edge. We have two quarterbacks who will draw lots of attention in Aaron Murray with 3893 yards, 10 INTs and a 174.8 rating and Tajh Boyd with 3896, 13 INTs and a 165.6 rating. Slight edge to Murray since he accomplished that in the SEC.. even with a weak ass schedule. The Georgia Defense, even depleted, will have a edge over these Tigers… but the Tigers have the edge in Special teams. Special Teams has given the Mutts fits. Clemson wants to continue to build on their statement win over LSU in the BibleThumper Bowl. Both teams will put up some points. Georgia has a good road game winning percentage under Richt… not good enough. Clemson by FG.

9/7 South Carolina

The Olllleee Balllll Coach loooovvvvves to visit Athens. In fact, since being at South Carolina, he and the Cocks are 5-2 since 2008. Two of those wins came in Athens. SpurCock has UGAly’s number.. and they know it. He feeds off of it.. and he is unrelentless when facing them. In 2012, the Cocks spanked.. and I mean SPANKED the Slobberhounds 35-7! South Carolina was 13th nationally in Points Against and ended up a top 10 team overall nationally. That’s not too shabby. They should be erecting a statue of Spurrier taller than their stadium for what he has been able to accomplish. What is amazing about South Carolina is… they did it with Defense and a … running the ball. Nationally they were only ranked 44th in the country. Jadaveon Clowney is back to terrorize QBs again.. and that may not bode well for Aaron Murray. However, South Carolina hasn’t exactly answered their QB situation.. but with Spurrier isn’t that always the case? This will be another knock down cockfight… and Spurrier sends the Mutt fans home with their heads hanging in a unbelieveable last minute play…. Gamecocks by 6.


7/21 North Texas

Essentially… the Slobberhounds get two weeks off before having to face another set of Tigers the next week. Will they be looking ahead? Leghumpers by 30.

7/28 LSU

Entering the 5th week of the season, the Cajun version of Tigers make their way from Baton Rouge to Athens after facing TCU, UAB, Kent St, and what is sure to be an improved Auburn. This is also the first road game for LSU. The crotch sniffers will have had a good solid two weeks to correct the issues and rest up for the first 4 weeks of the season and prepare for what should be an improved offensive attack with Cam Cameron joining as LSU Offensive Coordinator. LSU has a meannnn defense though ranking 12th in Points Against, however they also lost a good bit to the NFL. But the LSU defense doesn’t rebuild… its stacked with depth. Jawjuh cannot say the same and for that reason… they pay for it. Oh.. did I mention that Zach Mettenberger makes his first return to Athens since his transfer? Think he’ll be a lil motivated? LSU by 10 but not till late in the 4th.

10/5 @Tennessee

Poor Vols. In 2012, they ranked 107th in Points Against. The reason that really hurts is because they were 22nd in Points For. They couldn’t stop anyone. Georgia barely contained the Tennessee passing attack winning at home 51-44 in 2012. This year Georgia heads to Knoxville, where Butch Jones is probably getting a rude awakening in his first year as a head coach in the SEC. By this point, the Vols have played Austin Peay, Western Ky, at Oregon (who may put up a 100 on them), THE FLORIDA GATORS, and South Alabama. They could easily be 2-3 before facing the Leghumpers. Butch Jones has a lot of work to do rebuilding the Volunteer defense. Tennessee does not have a proven QB either with Bray off to the NFL and I’m not really sure who they are going to pass the ball too either with Justin Hunter gone. Tennessee will have an ugly year against quality competition and coaching. Slobberhounds by 20.

10/12 Missouri

In 2012, Mizzou’s introductory game into the SEC vs. the Mutts started out to be a classic cat and dog fight with UGAly winning 41-20 before it was over with. Offensively, Mizzou was not the Mizzou you expected to see ranking 82nd in Points For. But they had to face 4 of the top defenses in the entire country in Bama, UGAly, South Carolina and THE FLORIDA GATORS. Josh Henson enters as the new Offensive Coordinator for the Tigers hoping to revamp the offensive attack. Once highly regarded James Franklin returns as QB. I think Mizzou will mount a bit of a comeback of sorts and give the Mutts more than 2 quarters of football to worry about. That being said, I still think the Leghumpers have too much and comes out with a 14 point win.

10/19 @Vandy

Ahhh Vanderbilt. The now sweetheart of the SEC and the darling to upset everyone’s season. Suprisingly enough, Vandy was ranked 15th in Points Against in 2012 and 56th in Points For. Maybe this Franklin guy has got things rolling up in NashVegas. The Slobberhounds take their dogpound north after sinking the Commodores in Athens 48-3. Vandy will be a thorn in everyones side this year.. Franklin has recruited surprisingly well and they are in the third year under his system. I think Vandy give the Mutts a bit of a scare.. but the pull away in the 4th. Bullmutts by 10.



Five. That is the average number of points the winner of this game had over the last three games of this heated rivalry that … sorry.. is much bigger than the Iron Bowl. In 2012, this game was just about as ugly as the damn UGAly mascot including 24 penalties for 227 yards, and 9 turnovers (including 3 INTs for Murray, 2 for Driskel). THE FLORIDA GATORS won the 3rd down conversion game going 7-16 compared to 1-10 for the Mutts. Florida also, surprisingly enough won the passing game with 191 vs. 150.. but Jawjuh won the rushing game with 123 compared to 75 for the Gators. The Gators were 5th nationally in Points against and a dismal 78th in Points for due to a lack of any sort of passing game (unless it’s the Mutts I guess). The Gators are in the second year of Brent Pease’s system and I think its safe to say, based on how the Gators recruited, the Passing game has become a point of emphasis to improve. Since they ranked 118th last year.. they can only improve. Right? The Gator rushing attack has the potential to be even stronger this year.. and with a depleted defense… that may not be a good thing for the Leghumpers. Caleb Sturgis was always a weapon for the Gators.. but he’s off to Miami in the Pros. It doesn’t appear the kicking team will be much of an advantage for either team in this game unless Brad Phillips or Austin Hardin can show there will be no drop off from the stellar career Sturgis had as a Gator. By this point in the season, Florida will have already been through a fairly grueling schedule facing Toledo, @Miami, Tenn, @Kentucky, Arkansas, @LSU, and @Mizzou, Both teams had a loss on the defensive side of the ball to the NFL.. both are returning rushers who will drive defenses crazy. Both teams will be beaten up all to hell again by this point. How will Florida’s OL hold up or perform this season? Goood question. Both the Gators and Slobberhounds are coming off an open date the week before. This game will come down once again to defense and be yet another battle of the ages. Because of their defense will be stellar and Driskel is in his second year of this offense, I am giving the Gators the slight advantage. Gators by 6 and whomever is with me at the game should probably have an EMT on standby.

11/9 App State

The Mutts will be annnnnngrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy and may be calling for Richts head if this prediction comes true to this point and they will take it out on poor lil D2 App State. The same App State that upset Michigan in the Big House. No upset here.. Leghumpers by 20 as they conserve and save players for the remaining games on their schedule.

11/16 @Auburn

The Puppies head on down I-85 to visit their SEC sibling and final set of kitties to play with a lil bit of pigskin. Malzahn is back with his offense which is better suited for the personnel in house and by this time will have faced Washington State, Arkansas State, Miss State, @LSU, Ole Miss, Western Carolina, @Texas A&M, Florida Intl, @Arkansas, @Tennessee before the mutts sniff their way to Auburn. Both UGAly and the WarKitties will be out of contention for the SEC Championship, but still have lots to prove. Both teams at this point may be fighting to get to 6 wins and become bowl eligible. The 2012 Tigers… were nothing to write home about going 0-7 in SEC play. Tigers will be better and will put up a fight.. but the Buttsniffers come out bowl eligible with a 17 point win.

11/23 Kentucky

UGAly gets a little bit of luxury at the end of the season getting teams that had dismal performances in 2012… and none of them will probably be much better in 2013. Welcome to the SEC Baby Stoops! You get to help UGAly close out their SEC slate and another version of a kitty… in Athens… against a team who feels like they have something to prove and fight for a better bowl game. Baby Stoops has to improve a team who was ranked 119th in Points For and 87th in Points Against and make them even be competitive. Somehow they managed to keep things close in 2012, with the Leghumpers winning 29-24. Kentucky will probably be better defensively under Stoops… but they won’t have improved enough in just one year to beat a team stacked and angry like the Mutts. Leghumpers by 20

11/30 @GaTech

In five seasons prior, the Yellow Jackets have only managed 1 win, by 3 points against their heated instate rival. The Triple Option will be back… but it matter if the GaTech Defense shows no sign of any improvement? They better hope so. Ted Roof comes south from Penn State to take over the Jacket defense. This is good for Tech, because Roof has a proven track record of quality defensive play and I suspect there will be great improvement on that side of the ball. Perhaps enough to give the Puppies some fits this year. But, it will take more than one year to make enough improvements needed to win this game… but it’s gonna be a close one I think. Slobbermutts by 7.

Coming off a 12-2 2012 season and SEC East Champions, going 8-4 in Aaron Murrays final season as a Leghumper will be severely disapp-pap-pap-BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA… sorry.. I really tried to write that with a straight face.… dissssapppoointing.

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