2013 SEC Predictions Winners and Losers – Week 6

I am 5-2 in Week 6 picking the winner straight up, but with my predictions I am just 1 more winner picked than the loser to put me over .500 for the week. Injuries played a major role in the outcome of the UGAly/Tennessee game and in my eyes even if Ole Miss were to match one of my spreads where I picked them as a winner they will always be a loser. As far as I am concerned the Ole Miss football team can lose every game for the rest of eternity.

As a reminder.: In order for my prediction to be a winner the team picked to win must also match (push in Vegas terms) or beat the predicted spread.


Prediction: Missouri over Vanderbilt by 3
Result: Tigers 51 Commodores 28
Difference: +20

Prediction: LSU over Mississippi State by 14
Result: Tigers 59 Hoosiers Bulldogs 26
Difference: +19

Prediction: THE FLORIDA GATORS over Arkansas by 17
Result: Gators 30 Razorbacks 10
Difference: +13

Prediction: Alabama over Georgia State by 30
Result: Tide 45 Panthers 3
Difference: +12


Prediction: Jawjuh over Tennessee by 20
Result: Leghumpers 34 Vawls 31
Difference: -17

Prediction: Ole Miss over Auburn by 6
Result: Ole Miss 22 Tigers 30
Difference: -14

Prediction: South Carolina over Kentucky by 17
Result: Gamecocks 35 Wildcats 28
Difference: -10

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