2013 SEC Predictions Winners and Losers – Week 8

2013 SEC Predictions Winners and Losers – Week 8

So. Yea. Um. Bout last weekend. Can we just pretend it didnt happen? I mean.. Im totally okay with that if you are.

No? Thats not how it works? Fine.

Well as by now it is no surprise, the SEC has turned into a big ass mess. All the favorites to win, with the exception of Bama, totally turned it in last Saturday. Yes, I am aware, Bama is still #1 and still undefeated. Trust me.. they will fall too and we have already seen that they are vulnerable. And that game they fall in, is coming up very soon.

Unfortunately, Bama is the only prediction that I got right, even picking the straight up winner. So I am now 32-27 picking with my spread. Lets hope I have a big turn around this coming weekend while my Gators rest up for the big match versus the Muts in the Worlds Largest Drunken Trauma Ward Bowl presented by Jacksonville EMS.

As we approached the last set of games in the SEC, I knew this was going to a weekend where just about everything that could happen probably will and a lot of that has to do with injuries. A friend asked me the Friday before when I mentioned it to him why I didnt change my picks mentioning that Vegas changes their spreads/picks as the week progresses to game time. I wanted to see if history provided an accurate track record on determining how many of these games would end up. Next year, maybe Ill play this game the way Vegas does. But I laid out these plans with a purpose and I intend to stick it out till the end.

As a reminder.: In order for my prediction to be a winner the team picked to win must also match (push in Vegas terms) or beat the predicted spread.


Prediction: Alabama over Arkansas by 17
Result: Tide 52 Razorbacks 0
Difference: +35


Prediction: THE FLORIDA GATORS over Missouri by 10
Result: Gators 17 Tigers 36
Difference: -46

Prediction: LSU over Ole Miss by
Result: Tigers 24 Rebels 27
Difference: -29

Prediction: South Carolina over Tennessee by 14
Result: Gamecocks 21 Vols 23
Difference: -16

Prediction: Jawjuh over Vanderbilt by 10
Result: Mutts 27 Commodores 31
Difference: -14

Prediction: Texas A&M over Auburn by 10
Result: Aggies 41 Tigers 45
Difference: -13

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