The final stretch begins: 365 days, 6 classes and 3 semesters

1,462 days ago, I started down a new path. I had been down this path a few times before stumbling and coming to complete stops along the way.

This time around, I had a purpose and motivation. I had a specific end result in mind. I knew what I was trying to accomplish. I knew how and where. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever been so determined in my life to set a goal and actually reach it.

I was going to finally get my degree and I was bound and determined that the top of my diploma would say “University of Florida.”

848 days ago, that dream became a reality when I was officially enrolled in classes as a student at the University of Florida. There are some who would probably say I would never get accepted by UF, much less an institution ranked in the top eight nationally. So when I did I felt like I had even more motivation to prove I belonged there.

Since officially becoming a Gator there have only been three occasions where I did not get an A in a class. My professors have used projects/classwork as an example for their future classes. I was invited and accepted membership to both the Golden Key International Honour Society and Phi Kappa Phi.

In about 365 days, six classes, three semesters and minus 30 pounds I can officially wear this shirt. I plan to make the most of my final year as a student too.

Go Gators.


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