Horse racing in Ga? Please dont get my hopes up!

Horse racing bill in General Assembly hopper – Atlanta Business Chronicle

Horse racing and Georgia… in the same discussion… was almost too go to be true.

But there it was… in black in white… and sure enough.. Rep. Harry Geisinger introduced legislation which would allow Georgians to vote to amend the state Constitution to allow horse racing in Georgia.

“In these difficult times, we must seek out opportunities to create sustainable jobs and raise state and local government revenues,” Geisinger said. “By following the examples of Florida and Louisiana, we can expand Georgia’s equine industry and create thousands of equine jobs throughout our great state.

Gambling in Georgia is a topic I have written before.  Horse racing is far from my grand vision of ending blue laws in this state, but its a damn good start.

I wonder how long the panderers to the religious right can continue to deny Georgians a right to their individual choices, limit competition and access to jobs for hundreds of thousands of unemployed Georgians.

Those who pretend to be the moral majority will put up a big fight. Lets hope the Tea Partiers mount the kind of revolt against those that attempt to limit our freedoms by blocking this legislation as we have seen them do on numerous occassions before.

I say… Let the races begin.

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